19th September 2018 | Posted in Spandex Yarn


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Compression wear is used in medical to sportswear garments. In medical area compression garments prevents risk of deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, healed venous ulcer etc.

While in sports it is commonly worn by athletes and people doing exercise to prevent chafing and rashes.

Compression wear are a type of garment that fit tightly around the skin, while simultaneously exerting pressure on the area worn on.

The major composition of a compression wear garment is spandex fiber.

Spandex fiber when mixed with various other fibers like, polyester, nylon etc. make polyester stretch yarn or nylon stretch yarn, this yarn is then used to make further fabric which results in highly stretch fabric which is used to manufacture compression wear but as compared to normal stretch fabric the extent of stretch and recovery required here is far greater.

Compression wear can be said to be highly stretchable fabric with greater recovery as compared to normal stretch fabric, this allows compression wear garments to exert required pressure onto the area worn on.

With modern evolving needs compression wear has also changed now it comes with various added properties like moisture management, easy wicking, anti-odor etc.

All these properties are usually imparted in compression garment via the spandex fiber / filament used in their construction.

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