What is SnugFit® ?

What is Snugfit

SnugFit® is an improvised polymer variant of premium spandex fibre for baby and adult diapers. It is crafted with European winding technology process to provide better comfort without any leakages. It offers effective solutions for the hygiene industry.



Baby Diaper


Adult Diaper

Features and Benefits

SnugFit® is a polymer variant of our improvised spandex fibre crafted with European winding technology process. This material is used to create better and more comfortable baby and adult diapers which have no leakage.

Better operational efficiency

What is Snugfit

SnugFit®, the improvised spandex from INVIYA®, provides an excellent and unwinding performance with zero breaks at high speeds (over 1,000 pieces per minute). The spandex is designed to have uniform tension throughout the package with transfer tails that reduce yarn splicing. This attribute helps in longer run times. Our improvised spandex fibre is created from a winding technology process which makes it suitable for both OETO (over end take off) & RTO (rolling take off).

A wide range of products

What is Snugfit

Products from the polymer variant of the improvised spandex fibre range from 310 dtex - 1840 dtex and are available in large spool sizes. These fibres also offer options for customisation - the improvised spandex fibre can be turned into Denier, Modulus, Power, and many more.

Adhesive compatibility and low creep rate

What is Snugfit

SnugFit® is covered with an especially designed finish oil cover which provides a low creep rate.

SnugFit® fibre is compatible with most of the leading adhesive brands available in the market.


What is Snugfit

SnugFit® is a non-toxicological product and has been approved as an environment-friendly product. It has been proven to be completely harmless to the human body by OEKO-Tex under Annex 6, Product Class I for Baby Articles.   

SnugFit® has been dermatologically tested and approved for Human Patch Test by SGS Institute Fresenius (Epicutaneous Test for the Assessment of a Skin-irritation Potential).   

REACH Certificate

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