What is ECOModa100™ ?

Indorama India, INVIYA® Spandex Business, has constantly endeavoured to move towards sustainability. In this direction, we are working towards products and processes that are better for the environment and help us meet global standards.

ECOModa100TM uses state of the art technology and process knowhow developed through continuous R&D with the help of renowned process technologist and spandex polymer experts.

In an advent to channelize our efforts towards sustainable fashion we came up with the solution of recycling waste spandex and giving it new life. ECOModa100TM matches the performance of regular spandex, INVIYA® Spandex.

We believe ECOModa100TM is the need of the hour - a recycled spandex brand that shall appeal to sustainability-focused consumers, millennials and Gen Z. We created our recycled spandex to be easy on the environment and to spearhead the sustainability movement in the textile industry.


Sustainability is more than just being concerned about the environment, it is about taking care of the ecosystem and preserving it for future generations.

We need to plan our consumption of natural resources and follow the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

To achieve this INVIYA® proudly produces ECOModa100TM, the recycled spandex.


Active Wear

Working out or playing a sport requires you to push your limits and, for this to happen you need to be in comfortable gears.

Spandex Active Wear is meant to support you, stretch easily, possess good recovery, be of perfect fit, be comfortable and allow you to move freely. These attributes play a vital role in making your workout from an average one to an amazing one.

Low shrinkage ECOModa100TM contributes to these properties in garments and has earned its distinction in Spandex Active Wear clothing with its properties of extended durability to undergo the stress of work outs. ECOModa100TM is the best fibre for activewear fabric suppliers in India.


Casual Wear

Trends change everyday, but the one trend that ECOModa100TM follows year after year is encouraging all to set their own trends and be what they truly are.

ECOModa100TM represents freedom, the freedom to express yourself and your style. Styles may vary, but we want to provide fashionistas with everlasting comfort, free flow of movement, desired fit, and soft feel, facilitating the wearers to be more confident and be bolder versions of themselves.


Yoga Wear

Yoga is often related to achieving peace of mind and tranquility. when it comes to practicing, it's crucial to have comfortable clothing that can help you push the limits of your body. We understand that style and flexibility are equally important when it comes to yoga. Yoga Wear made using ECOModa100TM provide perfect comfort and fit.


Intimate wear

Everyone agrees to the fact that "to be that charming yourself all day your intimate wear needs to be supportive, which lets you stay comfortable". That's where ECOModa100TM comes in, providing you support in that right areas, giving you that snuggly feeling all day, providing that desired fit, and giving you a sense of freedom.

With ECOModa100TM in your innerwear, you will fall in love with your body and yourself over and over again. ECOModa100TM lets you be you.


Denim Wear

Being 100% recycled content, ECOModa100TM is fast emerging as the preferred (recycled spandex) material for global brands.

It is suitable for all core spun yarn manufacturing needing high stretch and recovery. In the yarn spinning process, ECOModa100TM yarn is covered with a sheath of staple fibers to produce a stretchable yarn.

Features and Benefits

Feat 1

Made from 100% recycled pre-consumer spandex waste

Feat 1

Made for sustainability-conscious consumers

Feat 1

Can be paired with other sustainable fibers for creating sustainability- themed collection

Feat 1

Designed to be attuned to your body for the perfect fit, shape, and comfort

Key Benefits


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