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15th January 2021 | Posted in Spandex Fabric

Why is there a trend towards adding Spandex material to so many clothing brands in the US?

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The US is one of the biggest apparel markets at a global level and the home for many popular fashion and apparel brands. The evolution of a material like Spandex has overturned the industry, which soon became a trendsetter in the US market. The popular brands started using Spandex Fabric in different ways to produce new and updated designs. There were so many reasons behind the popularity of Spandex in the US market, which made it crucial for the other brands to adapt to the Spandex range of clothing and garments serving different occasions.

Less or No Piling

In most cases, piling is indeed a nightmare for the new and even the less used clothes. It damages the clothes to a great extent, and moreover, it weakens the durability and persistence of the cloth fiber. This will lead to poor quality and loss of colors and threads in the fabric. Such problems are thoroughly sorted with the help of using the Spandex Fabric or the mixture of Spandex Fabric with the other combinations of garments. Anyhow the no piling ability of Spandex is a much-appreciated feature among the apparels in the US.

Resistance against body oils, perspiration, lotions, and detergents

Spandex is simply a wonderful fabric, which is all it needs to protect itself from the factors that ruin the clothes and garments. Things like body oils, perspiration, lotions, and even the washing detergents are known for ruining the clothes, even the premium type ones, within no time. This simply doesn’t work in the case of Spandex Fabric as the material has stronger resistance against all these and offers you long-lasting, safe, and durable clothing choices round the year.

The unbeatable softness and smoothness

You simply cannot rule out the softness and the smoothness provided by the material as Spandex is something which is well known for the same. It is again one of the most trending fabric among the clothing and apparel brands in the US for these reasons. Spandex Fabric in real life is so soft and smooth, providing the user with utmost comfort, warmth, and convenience. At the same time, even after they are blended with any kind of fabric material, they can still maintain and retain their smoothness and softness for a really long time.

Strength and Firmness

Spandex Fabric is something which is used mostly in the field of sports and sports-related apparel and garments. The field itself requires strength and firmness in even the jerseys and shorts or tracks worn by the sportspersons. At present, the major sports garments like jerseys, shorts, and tracks, which are made of Spandex Fabric, are among the most popular and trusted fabrics in the market of the US. These factors are something even the sportspersons cannot give up or even compromise a little on, and the garments made of Spandex Fabric never fails to perform above expectations.

Resistance against abrasion

The garments are highly prone to the usual wear and tear, which happens most commonly due to the passage of time and even the higher frequency of washing. It does feel like a loss of money and effort when the clothes become prey to these kinds of wear and tear. At the same time, Spandex Fabric came out with a permanent solution for this, as the clothes made of Spandex Fabric are highly resistant against this type of usual wear and tear too. It never surrenders to abrasion, and therefore the durability of the clothes made of Spandex Fabric is simply mind-blowing.

Retention of the real shape

Cotton, wool, many of the artificial fibers which are used to sew the clothes are really vulnerable to a lot of things. These clothes need to be handled with the utmost care, and for this reason, the performance of these necessary tasks can only be performed by the people who have good knowledge and understanding of it. It even covers basic washing or laundry as some of these types of clothes will lose their real shape just by washing and may even lose the colors too. Spandex Fabric and the clothes made out of it came with a long term solution for this as the clothes made out of it will never lose their shape and retain their real form always and forever.


Last but not least, one of the major reasons behind the popularity of Spandex Fabric among the clothing makers and popular brands of the US is that they are highly lightweight and easy to handle. For the users of the fabric, they appear very light and make them comfortable to move around in it. It is also firm and durable and stands fit to the body. Again, this is one of the major reasons why Spandex Fabric is preferred over any other fabric for the purpose of making sports attires and apparel.

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