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Indorama Corporation is one of Asia’s leading chemical companies. Its origins trace back to 1975 with the start of Indorama Synthetics in Indonesia by its founder, M.L. Lohia, and his son, S.P. Lohia. Indorama Synthetics started as a cotton yarn spinning company. In 1991, the company diversified into the production of polyester fibers from petchem derivatives, and subsequently into the production of PET resins.

Today, Indorama Corporation, headquartered in Singapore, manufactures a multitude of products, including nitrogen fertilizers, phosphate fertilizers, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, textiles, cotton fiber, and medical gloves. It is the largest producer of urea and phosphate fertilizers in Sub-Saharan Africa, the largest polyolefins producer in West Africa, and the world's third-largest producer of synthetic gloves. It is also an integrated producer of cotton and synthetic spun yarns. It employs over 20,000 people worldwide.  

Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL), an associate group of Indorama Corporation, is the world's largest producer of PET resin and one of the biggest producers of polyester feedstock.  

Our Company

Indorama India Private Limited (INVIYA® Spandex Business), with a manufacturing site at Baddi in Himachal Pradesh, India, is the largest producer of Spandex/ Elastane in India. The company has been engaged in the production & marketing of the INVIYA® brand of spandex since 2012. The company recently commenced production at its third plant at Baddi in February 2023. By adding 25 MTs per day, this plant increased the total production capacity to 65 MTs per day, a quantum 5X growth from 13 MTs per day in 2012.

INVIYA® holds a leadership position in providing functional solutions to high-end garments, accessories like elastics, tapes, etc., and hygiene products like diapers. The company offers a complete range of spandex products under the brand names INVIYA® (semi-dull), STOLID® (full-dull), ECOModa100TM (100% recycled), and SnugFit® (diaper-grade). The company also offers differentiated/ speciality spandex products like colored spandex from 20D onwards and ultra-fine deniers like 10D/ 15D. 

INVIYA® is the only company in the Indian subcontinent to produce spandex meant for hygiene applications, which is available under the brand SnugFit®, which caters to baby and adult diaper manufacturers.


The company has invested in building strong technical capabilities. It has an in-house polymer R&D facility along with a textile and diaper-grade application development center to study customer needs, formulate various polymers, continuously improve & offer world-class products. INVIYA® is widely accepted as a dependable raw material by yarn and fabric manufacturers & accessories manufacturers alike in India and across many countries.


To partner closely with customers and to distinguish INVIYA® as a leading brand synonymous with quality, performance and sustainability.

To revolutionise the world of fashion with the outstanding performance of INVIYA®, satisfying the desire for self-expression.

Our Journey


INVIYA® launched

INVIYA® introduced for Air Covered Yarn (ACY) segment

INVIYA® introduced for Fine Circular Knitting segment

STOLID® , full-dull spandex, launched

SnugFit®, diaper-grade spandex, launched

  • ECOModa100TM, 100% recycled spandex launched in January
  • P3, third plant, with a production capacity of 25 MTs per day, commenced commercial production in February

Our Presence



INVIYA® fosters a family like culture within the organization. Employees are referred to as being part of the large INVIYA® family. We believe a sense of belonging is very important and we try to pay attention to the needs of individuals. Employees are encouraged to work independently and create value for stakeholders.

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