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  • STOLID® is all set to revolutionize your wardrobe collection!

STOLID® is all set to revolutionize your wardrobe collection!

Nov 17, 2022

Posted in Spandex

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India has one of the world’s largest economies as well as one of the world’s youngest consumer markets. The primary themes driving garment demand in this market are comfort, fashion, and performance.

Spandex/Elastane is an important component of any of the aforementioned applications since it is responsible for delivering comfort, stretch, and durability to the clothes, allowing you to feel comfortable all day long while your clothing last longer.

The Indian Spandex Market has been one of the fastest growing, with a CAGR of 14% (2020-25E) and is predicted to expand at a rate of 10% or more in the future because of the high demand for Spandex and Category Development encouraging usage of Spandex in newer applications/innovations.

STOLID® is an Indorama India, INVIYA® Specialty Spandex (Full Dull) brand.

STOLID®, which was previously exported, has also been introduced to the Indian market in response to the rising demand for higher stretch and comfort applications. STOLID® is known for its aesthetically appeal as well as excellent recovery and dimensional stability.


Benefits of STOLID®


STOLID® provides comfort, quality assurance, and garment endurance. It faithfully conducts stretch/recovery functionality with the reduction of grin through effect in clothing. Garments made with STOLID® has excellent comfort and gives the feeling of a second skin. It works well with the following applications: Athleisure wear, Performance wear, Yoga wear, Sheer Hosiery, and many more.



Why should you consider STOLID®?



  • It is Brand from India’s first, “Made in India” Spandex company providing unparalleled qualities and value addition
  • An OEKO-TEX certified Brand
  • A REACH Certified Brand: REACH is a European Community Regulation on the safe use of chemicals.
  • It is a part of a Sustainability focus company: We are constantly improving our production operations to ensure that the manufacturing unit meets the global best environmental standards.


Indorama India invites the Indian and global textile and apparel value chain and industry to reap benefits of STOLID® and provide delightful experience to end customers for their fashion, comfort and lifestyle requirements.


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