4th February 2021 | Posted in Inviya

Spandex in swimwear fabrics

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We know that swimming is a competitive sport and a calming hobby. Swimwear should be comfortable as well as functional to retain the competitive and calming nature of swimming. It is rightly so because it is the quality of costume of any sport that largely influences the experience. For that rewarding experience, the choice of fabrics and their composition for the swimwear should be along the right lines.

The apparel industry uses a high percentage of nylon and polyester in swimwear. Nylon is a suitable choice for drag-suits and training-suits, and spandex suits well for competitive swimwear. However, swimwear, as a garment, should have negative ease and stretchability as a primary feature. The required stretchability is often not possible with just nylon or polyester. For that, nylon-spandex or polyester-spandex blends are ideal choices. The general composition is 80% nylon or polyester and 20% spandex. However, this composition may vary depending on the requirements of events or garments.

Spandex is a highly stretchable fabric and adds to the comfort of the swimwear. We, at INVIYA, manufacture 4th generation spandex. It provides features such as ease of movement and less drag while swimming. Here are some of the features that I-400 4th generation spandex adds to swimwear.

Stretchability: Swimwear needs high stretchability to be adequately functional. If it is a two-piece swimwear, a two-way stretch is enough. However, a one-piece swimwear requires stretchability both length-wise and width-wise. Hence, a one-piece swimwear calls for a four-way elongation. INVIYA I–400 stretches up to 500% of the original size. Its high stretch power enables it to retain stretchability even after getting into the pool multiple times and repetitive washes.

Fit and shape: Since swimwear remains directly in touch with our body, we look for a comfortable fit. Our spandex gives your swimwear the right kind of fit and feels almost like a second skin. It is soft, gives a toned look to the body, and stretches in water too!

Less drag in the water: As one swims in water, there generates friction between the body of the swimmer and water. I-400 spandex reduces friction in water for a smoother swimming experience.

Quick recovery: Swimming involves multiple movements every second. The material of swimwear must quickly recover its shape and adapt to new states as body parts move. I-400 spandex provides ease of recovery and movement.

Chlorine resistance: Chlorine is a crucial chemical to maintain hygiene in the swimming pool. Swimmers often stay in pools for long periods. Our skin may develop redness and rashes because of the acidic nature of chlorine in the water.

Heat resistance and strength: The processing of swimwear involves many heat-based processes. Heat-based processes result in the weakening of the fibers. Hence, if the composition does not have heat resistance, the quality of the swimwear is affected. Our I-400 spandex has a high resistance to heat, which enables it to sustain severe washing conditions.


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