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Spandex Fibre: 7 Things You Need to Know About

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Spandex Fibre is something that is being hailed as the fiber of the future. It is not a new type of fiber but its new uses have been discovered lately and it is becoming more and more mainstream. Spandex Fiber is being used for creating multiple products including clothes, sheets, furniture covers, sportswear, and a lot of other products. Here are seven things that you need to know about the Spandex Fiber or Lycra, elastane. 

The fiber of Future:

It is being considered the fiber of the future but it is a product that was created back in the 19th century by DuPont, which is an American manufacturer. This fiber has many amazing characteristics that make it a potential candidate for the future of fiber.

Durable and Long Lasting:

This fiber is one of the most durable, and long-lasting fibers. For that reason, it is being used for the creation of durable, and long-lasting dresses. Most of this production happens in China and India, but it is also being used for creating wearables in Pakistan, the United States, and some South American countries as well. 

Breathable –  Allows Air To pass:

This fiber is not just a durable, and long-lasting product, but also a breathable one. For that reason, it makes a great choice for not just wearables, but also seat cushions, and furniture covers for home products. This fiber has so much elasticity that you can scratch it to create breathable portions on the fiber. These elastic parts are used for breathable wearables and covers.

Good For Sports Wear:

Spandex Fiber has become a favorite choice of many international sportswear manufacturing brands. This is because it allows the brands to create more comfortable, easy, and durable sportswear of high quality. Clothes made of Spandex Fiber are being worn by almost every major franchise player in the world. The lightweight fiber feels very comfortable when wearing and that has contributed towards the popularity of this fiber. 

Super Stretchable:

It is a type of fiber that is made of polyester, which is known for being highly stretchable. Similarly, this is also a super flexible and stretchable fiber that you can wear, and use for other purposes. Its stretchability allows the sportswear brands to create more breathable shirts, underpants, sports bras, and more products. Also, the super stretchability and elasticity of this fiber are very useful in making a lot of things. 

Multiple Uses:

The use of spandex fiber is not just limited to sportswear. It can be used for making a lot of products. You can create virtually any product that has needs like stretchability, breathability, and durability. For example, apart from sportswear, this fiber is being used for making seat cushions, and furniture covers. There are many similar examples of the uses of Spandex Fiber.

Lighter and Versatile:

This is also a very versatile and lighter product. It is virtually weightless as compared to polyester, and other stretchable products. This stretchability and weightlessness make it suitable for creating a ton of products.

These were the seven most important things that you needed to know about the spandex fiber to better understand it, and why it is popular or why it is used. You should know that there are also multiple types of spandex fiber. Three types of it are more popular as compared to others. These include Spandex, Elastane, and Lycra. Spandex is a trademarked product, meanwhile, elastane is the most common name in Europe, meanwhile, the Lycra is a trademark sign that is owned by the creators of Spandex, the DuPont Corporation.

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