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Spandex Dry spinning method:

Dry spinning is the most efficient and widely used way of manufacturing spandex filament. At Indorama Industries Limited we have since the beginning used “Dry-spinning” to manufacture our spandex yarn.

In simpler terms “Dry spinning” of spandex is explained as below:

1.  In this process initially raw materials are dissolved together to form a solvent which is then used for further process. The dissolution takes place in presence of a volatile solvent, which evaporates when heat is applied to it

2. The solution produced from above step is then filtered to make it suitable for further processing

3. The filtered solution which is produced is now passed through the vertical spinneret part of the machine

4. After the spinneret the polymer solution travels through the warm air chamber where the volatile solvent is completely evaporated in presence of heated inert gas and the polymer solution solidifies forming fine filaments

5. The spandex fibres produced are not subjected to an extensional drawing stage which is common in other synthetic filaments, but are used in as-spun form

6. The fibers emerging are twisted, but this twist is later removed when the fiber reaches the first roller, this happens by the tension of the fiber itself

7. Then oil application is done, type of oil applied is dependent on various factors i.e. end application etc. and also is done to prevent yarn adhesion on the package

Note : The gas supplied in the warm air chamber is supplied vertical to the fiber; this helps in decreasing fiber entanglement and denier fluctuations and also accelerates the solvent evaporation.

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