7th June 2021 | Posted in Spandex Yarn

Spandex Breakage Causes and Preventive Measures

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There is no doubt that spandex is a versatile fabric. It has found uses in multiple industry products like apparel and textile, military equipment, houseware, and surgical and medical products. In recent years, it has gain popularity primarily because of its unmatchable stretchable properties. Customers like it for its flexibility and comfort.

Alongside the durability and strength of the product also proves as a point of concern for the customers. They are bound to be concerned that the product might lose stretchability and strength after a few uses. Hence, it is crucial to accomplish every stage of the manufacturing process without compromising spandex quality. Spandex breakage is one of the significant problems that can eventually affect the quality of the products. Here are a few causes and preventive measures of spandex breakage:

Cause: Inconsistent temperature, pressure, and wash time- During processes such as heat-setting, temperatures above 385°F cause spandex to lose strength. It makes the spandex prone to breaking. Same way, an increase in pressure on the stretch fabric causes the yarns to break. Spandex, if washed for longer than its prescribed wash time limit, loses its strength.

Preventive Measures:

  • Inspect temperature, time, and pressure during various processes and treatments.
  • Pre-relax spandex to ensure no residual tension before these processes, to prevent the weakening of spandex.

Cause: Improper Chemical Ratio- The processing of spandex fabric and spandex garments. An improper chemical ratio will disturb the absorbency of the spandex yarns leading to a reduction in their strengths. It will eventually affect the garments made out of such spandex after a few washes. Such discrepancies lead to spandex breakage.

Preventive Measure:

  • Follow exact chemical water ratio without slightest of alteration.

Cause: Inconsistent use of weight gain chemical- It’s an observance that spandex breaks swiftly during scouring. It results because of inconsistent or no use of weight gain chemicals.

Preventive Measure:

  • Use of weight gain chemicals in the exact ratio with water and other elements to ensure high breakage strength of spandex.

These were a few causes of spandex breakage that occur during manufacturing. The cure of any product is a continuous process throughout its life. Hence, here are a few precautions that the consumers may take to avoid durability issues with their garments containing spandex:

  • Do not twist the garments excessively during laundering.
  • Do not hang the garments outside if the sun is very bright.
  • Avoid hanging garments in unstable positions.
  • Take care that you follow the instructions on the wash care label.

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