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31st May 2021 | Posted in Denim Fabric

Semi Dull Spandex – Elimination Of Grin Through Effect

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Grin through effect has been a flaw and an area of concern in the garment industry. This effect has tampered with the looks of a lot of apparels and each and every arena. It basically refers to the popping out of the shiny spandex from inside of the fabric tampering the original colour and finesse of the apparel. The appearance of threads typically spandex from inside the cloth while stretching it refers to the grin through effect. Hence, the elimination is a very important step towards the enhancement of the fabric and the garment industry as a whole.

Industry has been using deeper shades of inviy as hard yarns to eliminate the problem of grin through and attain colour uniformity. The flaws are visible in various areas especially in sheer hosiery, where the product is really fine and in sportswear, a lot of sports leggings have this problem of grinning through as they are very stretchable and take the form of the skin, hence making the spandex within appear.  To alleviate this flaw and reach an optimum level of elimination of spandex through the clothes there has to be the usage of a semi dull spandex incorporated in the process of manufacturing.

A semi dull spandex will hide evenly beneath the fabric and one such is recently launched with the name of INVIYA STOLID I-400. Stolid literally meaning “dull with no brightness” has rendered to the needs of modern-day problems in the apparel industry. STOLID I-400 when processed with hard yarns and dyed is not visible at all putting an end to the problem of grin through. Indorama industries has done this with the modification of their polymer which made a duller spandex. The stretch/recovery of the apparel will be retained with the use of Stolid, making it a highly functional yarn. The usage of stolid comes with its perks to the end customers as well as to the supply chain.

Indorama industries is currently providing with stolid I-400 which has a value derivative of

  •  Can be used with deeper shades in synthetics.
  •  Colour uniformity in the fabric.
  •  Stretch/recovery without grin through.
  •  Resistant to chlorine making it ideal for swimwear.
  •  Reduction in moire effect.
  •  Adding finesse to the fabric.
  •  Better colour reflection on the surface of the fabric.

This will altogether revolutionize the garment industry especially the stretch related sector. The impending flaw of bright spandex which had its place everywhere will finally come to an end. The dominance of stolid I-400 can be seen in various areas

  •  Beach wear
  •  Swimwear
  •  Sheer hosiery
  •  Sportswear
  •  Medical equipment like gloves etc.
  •  Athleisure
  •  Intimate wear
  •  Compression garments
  •  Denim
  • Day to day clothing.

These properties will enhance the manufacturing of the apparels along with an added value of quality stretch. So “stretch with no stress”, as now the fabrics with light or deeper shades will not lose their shine and lustre because of the shiny spandex which was used earlier. The sheer hosiery will literally act as a second skin to the wearer taking the shape of the body without the appearance of what is used inside. Athleisure will not appear as faded when stretched with the use of this semi dull spandex. STOLID I-400 has high power with optimum fit and shape retention. It is also resistant to heat and dyes which makes it blend easily in the manufacturing process. Therefore, the elimination of grin through is possible with the usage of semi dull spandex with optimum outputs making stretching easy and comfortable with providing desired fit to the wearer without compromising on the quality.

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