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Economic Importance of Spandex

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Spandex is a fabric and it is well known for its elasticity. Generally, the word spandex is not used as a brand name for this fabric, and this word is normally used for mentioning polyether-polyurea copolymer fabrics that are made by using a variety of processes. spandex and elastane are similar terms used in the fabric industry.

The best part of the spandex filament is that it can stretch 5 to 8 times its normal size, and this means that the spandex filament is used in form-fitting consumer apparel. Normally the pure spandex fiber is not used for making garments, just a little amount of this fabric is woven into other fibers which are synthetic, semi-synthetic, or organic.

Importance of Spandex

This fact needs no explanation that spandex fiber is one of the most commonly used fabrics in the apparel industry. But you need to know that this fabric is very amazing for use in hospitality and also in industrial organizations. 

These fibers are generally used for making garments where both comfort and fit is important for example swimsuits, exercise wear, hosiery, undergarments, surgical hose, gloves, socks, cycling shorts, rowing and wrestling suits, and some special form of clothing such as denim, motion capture suits, and zentai suits.

Spandex fiber is a favorite fabric of the sports apparel and accessories industry, and garments made of spandex are just perfect for athletes and cyclists because it helps a lot to reduce any kind of wind resistance. So that’s why spandex garments are an ideal option for athletes.

Spandex fiber also provides the best support and that’s why it is used in making sports bras. Moreover, spandex is also used in making sports accessories such as volleyballs or soccer balls. In earlier times the items which used rubber in their manufacturing, now use spandex. 

In addition to this, the medical industry uses spandex instead of latex for producing products such as knee or back braces, hosing, or rubber tubing. The fiber is also very commonly used for making household products such as fitted sheets and microbead pillows. You might not be aware of this but spandex is also used in event planning and interior decoration, for instance, table coverings and latex chair coverings.

This gives a modern and classy look to the dining area. Nowadays chair bands and chair coverings that are made up of spandex fiber are very commonly used because after long use the cloth shrinks while on the other hand spandex fiber can be used for a long time and it fits just perfectly.

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