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The denim fabric has been popular for decades, and most people love to have apparel, accessories, and homeware ranging from upholstery to duvets from denim.
Denim, made from cotton twill weaves, is available in different types, including regular denim, washed denim, denim spandex fabric, raw denim, etc.,In a nutshell, products from denim can bring versatility and a touch of elegance to your style. Although there are different types of denim fabric, here we will walk you through the details associated with cotton denim fabric and regular denim. Based on this, you can decide the type of denim fabric you wish to buy.

Denim spandex fabric can provide you with proper fittings and is stretchable. When you opt for this stretch denim for your jeans, it will be body-hugging and flexible.
Most commonly, designers use this fabric to make skinny jeans. There are different varieties of stretchable skinny jeans available, including ribbed jeans.

Now, let’s look into the history of cotton spandex denim. Joseph Shivers used spandex to make stretch denim in the 1950s. He was a renowned American textile chemist. However, it was Peter Golding, a fashion designer, who made the first stretch jeans in 1978. Since then, the stretch denim fabric has created a revolution in the fashion industry.


Regular denim uses 100% cotton fabric with a diagonal weaving pattern. This original cotton fabric is highly durable and long-lasting, with no chemicals used for its treatment. You can wear jeans or jackets from regular denim without washing for up to a year. Through this, you can enhance its fitting on you.

When we consider the history of regular denim, it extends back to 1853. It was then Levi Strauss opened up his denim store in San Francisco, the US. But before that, the term denim became popular as it was first used and produced in the Nîmes City in France.

Spandex Denim Fabric and Regular Denim: Difference

Here are some differences between cotton spandex denim and regular denim that can help you make the right decision.
Stretch denim has an elastic material called spandex in it. Even with a small amount of spandex, it can provide great flexibility and stretch. Regular denim is 100% cotton, non-stretchable, and firm.

Denim spandex fabric is comfortable and softer than regular denim.

Stretch denim fabric can add versatility to your look and fit your body perfectly. However, regular denim is similar to a new foam mattress. It is stiff and holds its shape.
Stretch denim is a bit more expensive than regular denim because of its production cost.

Cotton Spandex Denim and Regular Denim: What to Buy

If you ask us if it is better to buy cotton spandex denim or regular denim, we would say it is highly subjective. However, spandex can offer you the perfect fit, comfort, and ease of usage. Styling spandex jeans, jackets, and other outfits is an effortless process. By the way, if you wish to shop for cotton spandex denim, click here!

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