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19th August 2022 | Posted in Spandex


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Are you looking for a comfortable fabric that you can wear during your long yoga classes? Or do you want clothing that you can wear during your swimming classes? If yes, then this is the right blog for you! We are going to suggest one such fabric that is capable of handling all such requirements.

The answer here is Nylon Spandex! It is extremely stretchable, can fit any body type, and is versatile. This INVIYA® Spandex fabric is created using nylon with elastane.
Spandex does not get affected by sweat, body oil, ointment, or even laundry. This is the reason why spandex has gained a lot of popularity! This is a synthetic material which is waterproof, quick-drying, and lightweight. Due to all these benefits, spandex has become one of the top materials used to make activewear clothing.

We at INVIYA® Spandex always believe that we should create spandex that fulfills all your requirements and comes at par with all the trends. The garment is produced efficiently in India and we aim to provide a better supply chain and lead time.

Spandex is taking over the entire garment industry, where it is being used as one of the go to fabrics to create clothing that goes along with the current trends. But, there is a lot that you must know about Spandex!

To help you further, we are going to mention 7 facts about spandex that will make fashion more comfortable. To get complete information, make sure that you read through the entire article!

7 Facts about Spandex that Makes Fashion Trends More Comfortable

1. Long lasting & Durable: INVIYA® Spandex is one of the most durable clothing fibers for clothing. INVIYA® Spandex clothing often tends to last longer than other fabrics. This is one of the reasons why INVIYA® Spandex is getting popular across the world and finds applications into so many different applications.

2. Breathable: Apart from being durable, INVIYA® Spandex is a great choice for wearables or any other fashion accessory. The material stays elastic and allows the air to go through to keep you cool during the hottest days of the year.

3. Perfect for Sportswear: INVIYA® Spandex is ideal for making sportswear/activewear. The majority of the sports brands use spandex because it is lightweight, durable and serves the purpose of all sports activities. This is the reason why you would see spandex clothes being worn by the topmost players around the world.
Rear view of a high school female hurdle runner perfoeming the trail leg drill on a turf field.

4. Super stretchable: INVIYA® Spandex is flexible and stretchable to wear. The super stretchable nature allows the manufacturers to create breathable shirts, underpants, bras, etc. Therefore, the super stretchable nature of the fabric makes it ideal for making good-quality clothing.

5. Versatile: INVIYA® Spandex is one of the most versatile clothing around the world. In the previous point, we had mentioned how it has become the first choice of all the professional players around the world. But, we can say that spandex is highly suitable for creating any clothing due to its stretchability, breathability, and durable nature. For example, you can make casual shirts with spandex that you can carry around with ease!

6. New freedom fibre: INVIYA® Spandex is the fibre of the future that comes with widespread applications. This is why spandex is considered one of the best fabrics that you can use for clothing.

7. Lighter than others: INVIYA® Spandex is a lighter material compared to any other stretchable product. This is the reason why manufacturers use spandex freedom fibre in all kinds of fashion trends.

We are here with the best INVIYA® Spandex!
This was our blog regarding the top facts about spandex that will make fashion more comfortable for you!

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