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Circular Knitting Machine: In this machine the needles are implanted on a circular cylinder, which when used creates a seamless tube of fabric, by joining the stiches from the needles.

Double Jersey Machine: Double jersey machines have two sets of needles; one on dial and as well as on cylinder. There are no sinkers in double jersey machines.

This double arrangement of needles allows the fabric to be manufactured which is twice as thick as the single jersey fabric, known as double jersey fabric

Rib Double Jersey Machine: In this machine the two sets of needles one on cylinder and one on dial are placed at right angles with each other.

The cylinder being in vertical position and the dial in horizontal position, allow the two set of needles to be at right angles, which in turn results in vertical movement of needles on cylinder and horizontal movement of needle on dial.

These two different movements makes the rib pattern which can be recognized by checking the face and back loops as they run along to the coarse successively but all the loops of a wale is same.

Interlock Double Jersey Machine: In this type of double jersey machines, the needles on the cylinder and the dial are placed opposite and alternatively.

Interlock machine uses two types of latch needles instead only one type which is used generally in circular knitting machines.

Single Jersey Machine: As opposed to double jersey machine, the Single jersey machine has only one cylinder one which one set of needles and sinkers are placed on.

The diameter of this cylinder is generally around 30 inch, which can vary according to the machines type and requirement.

The fabric manufactured on a Single jersey machine is known as “Single jersey fabric”, they have a plain thickness, almost half if compared to the Double jersey fabric.

Both front and back side of this fabric is visibly different.

Terry Single Jersey Machine: Terry fabrics are manufactured on Terry circular knitting machine using “Plush knitting technique”.

In this technique generally—the one set of sinker loops are made longer than the ground fabric sinker loops this longer set of sinker loops form the velvet like pile on the fabric, both the threads, of pile and ground fabric are worked together to give a stable structure.

Auto Striper Single Jersey Machine: In this circular knitting machine the yarn is fed via an automated yarn feeder, which is programmable i.e. can be pre-programmed to feed the yarns in a specified manner to form the required fabric.

Due to the feeding automation in this machine its speed is far greater than the rest of the circular knitting machines.

Jacquard Single Jersey Machine: These are similar to basic knitting machines, incorporated with an actuator which works to facilitate the movement of needles via a computerized needle selecting system.

This computerized needle selecting system automates the knit, miss and tuck to knit the jacquard patterns on the fabric.

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