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“Stretch Chrome Fabric”, this may be the new term which you have come across today but this fabric is used in fashion and automotive industry from a fairly long period of time. Stretch chrome fabric is a type of fabric which has a reflective surface and is generally used in fashion to give the garments a futuristic look and feel.

By looking at the fabric or the garments made from this fabric it might come to the mind that it’ll be nowhere near comfortable to wear but that’s where we are wrong. This fabric gets its reflective look as a result of bonding or laminating a thin sheet of liquid metal on the surface of a fabric. The fabric used here can include a varied range as – denim, cotton / spandex fabric etc. As a result of this the fabric produced give a metal like finish while having the desired wearable qualities like – comfort, stretch-ability, durability and long-life cycle.

Stretchable Chrome Fabrics in fashion industry are used in a diverse range of products and these often include – fashion accessories (like belts, purses, handbags etc.), lingerie, jackets, coats, dresses, tops, pants, footwear etc. Apart from the fashion industry, stretch chrome fabric is widely used amongst the automotive industry and home furnishing (which includes furniture as well). In the automotive industry this metallic fabric is used in car interiors, seat covers, door lamination etc. and in home furnishing – chair seat covers, quilts, on wooden tables, etc.

When this lamination is applied onto a fabric having spandex in it, the range of utilization of stretch chrome fabric increases as for most of the above mentioned application. Stretch in fabric or simply put stretch fabric is required (like in lingerie, car interiors, footwear, chair seat covers) to give the final product or garment a perfect fit.

So, here also the utilization of spandex in base fabric is of utmost importance. On a regular basis we come across various applications where use of spandex was un-thought of but now it has become almost an essential item.

Hence, we can conclude that the demand of spandex will increase on a steady pace in the coming years.

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