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Diaper is defined as “a basic garment for infants consisting of a folded cloth or other absorbent material drawn up between the legs and fastened about the waist” by Merriam Webster dictionary.

Now based on the requirement diapers are primarily used for infants and young children but they are also now used for elderly people and for adults suffering with mental or physical disabilities. Now-a-days people have started using them for pets too, so diapers have become an integral part of our lives.

Disposable diapers have now completely replaced the traditional re-usable diapers made of cotton fabric used earlier. Disposable diapers are mostly made using the following components and materials:

1) Polyethylene film

2) Polypropylene Non-woven Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic

3) Absorbent core – Wood pulp fluff

4) Super Absorbent Polymer

5) Elastane /Spandex fiber

6) Quick wicking layer

7) Adhesive Hot melts and Elastomeric

8) Fastening tape Stick type/Hook and loop type

9) Moisturizer lotions and fragrance lotions

10) Breathable/Cloth-like back sheet

Here we will focus on the role of Elastane /Spandex fiber in diapers.

In disposable diapers usually polyurethane or polyester foam elastics, and synthetic rubber or spandex elastics are used. But due to their properties now-days mostly spandex elastics are used.

These properties include:

a. They are Soft

b. High recovery

c. Higher stretch around 500% from its original length (only till 300% is used in diapers)

d. Provides better fitting ( as required near thighs, and hips), so less chances of leakage

e. Non- skin irritant

f. Lower cost as compared to other options

g. High efficiency

h. Comfortable to wear

The spandex elastics can also be used to make the side panels and in the fastening tape to provide additional elasticity to ensure proper fastening of the diapers, making sure they don’t come on their own.

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