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18th May 2022 | Posted in Spandex

Is Stretchable Spandex Denim Fabric Good for Summer?

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It’s summer, and it’s time to ace up the style game with the perfect pair of stretchable denim outfits. Here, the trendsetters range from mom’s jeans to high waist denim pants.
But among them, stretch denim fabric continues to be the favorite of almost all fashionistas out there. They are the perfect fit for a hot summer day, and this fabric can add comfort with a touch of style. With a less densely weaved pattern, denim from spandex fabric could be ideal for the coming summer season.
Now, let’s explore what spandex stretch denim fabric is and how it becomes an excellent choice for summer.

What is Spandex Stretch Denim Fabric?

Spandex is a synthetic fiber first developed in 1937 by IG Farben in Germany. However, its popularity rose when designers mixed spandex with other materials to create splendors in fashion. 

As of now, it is used for making fitting garments, sportswear, motion capture suits, etc. Among all these trends, stretch denim from spandex and cotton spandex denim stand out in the crowd and are the favorites of many fashion-conscious people. 

From a historical point of view, Peter Golding, a fashion designer, was the first to create stretch jeans with spandex in 1978, and they became successful instantly. In stretch jeans and other denim outfits, adding a small amount of synthetic fabric can improve flexibility and enhance comfort.

Why is Denim Spandex Fabric Suitable for Summer?



Denim spandex fabric is suitable for summer due to a plethora of reasons. They range from air permeability to elasticity. Now, let’s examine why it is best to opt for cotton spandex fabric material during summer.

High Breathability

Made from spandex fiber mixed with other materials like cotton, denim from this fabric has higher air permeability. It is when compared to denim clothes made from traditional fabric.
Since they fit your body correctly, there aren’t any air barriers. Through this, the chances of having any form of friction while wearing stretch denim fabric become obsolete.
Hence, it reduces irritation and provides breathability when worn in summer. Apart from this, the denim spandex fabric is lightweight and suitable for a busy summer day.

Denim Spandex Fabric Offers Great Stretchability

Unlike other fabrics, denim spandex fabric can stretch five to eight times more than its regular size. Due to the elastic nature of the fabric, it becomes suitable for day-to-day use, especially for highly active people.
While wearing these denim outfits, there won’t be any restrictions like traditional jeans, adding an extra layer of comfort and relaxation on a summer day.

Suits Summer Fashion Trends

Having jeans or other clothes made from stretch denim fabric can be ideal for the summer. When it comes to jeans, they work well with tops ranging from crop tops to simple graphic t-shirts.
Similarly, denim fabric skirts, jackets, and shirts made from stretch denim fabric can also help create a fashion statement.
Therefore, in a nutshell, it is highly beneficial to try out cotton spandex denim or denim spandex fabric in general during summer. With no air barrier and less dense weaving patterns, they can be the perfect choice for summer.

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