15th December 2021 | Posted in Core Spun Yarn

Core-spun Yarn in Denim

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We all look for that one perfect pair of jeans in our wardrobes. And what makes it irreplaceable for us is its fit and comfort. And not just that. Today, apart from clothing, we see the use of denim in multiple industries, such as home decor, stationery pieces, and car furnishing. We have witnessed denim go from non-stretchable cotton fabric to highly flexible core-spun denim. Yes, that’s right. Pure denim is a hundred percent cotton fabric. Remember the jeans from the early 2000s? They mostly comprised pure denim.

The use of core-spun yarns in denim made denim more flexible and expanded its applications across industries. It has two components. The inner component is a core made of continuous filament yarn, usually spandex, and an outer spun yarn sheath covering the yarn core. The use of spandex as the yarn core imparts sought-after properties such as stretchability, durability, better resistance against breakage, among others. Here are some of the benefits of adding core-spun yarn to denim:

1. Adds to flexibility and stretchable: Pure cotton is not stretchable, and it tends to shrink after washing. However, comfort is a crucial element in day-to-day use, and if we bring comfort into the equation, we require flexibility and stretchability. Spandex is a highly stretchable fabric. It can stretch to over five times its original length. So, adding a core-spun yarn with spandex at the core makes the denim fabric flexible and much more comfortable to wear.

2. Adds to breaking force: Cotton is a staple fiber. So, whenever it faces friction, it tends to break off easily. It results in the tearing of the fabric. As discussed, spandex adds to the elongation properties. So, if the denim has some amount of core-spun yarn in it, the chances of tearing off on facing friction reduces. It reduces the chances of filamentation and enhances the fabric’s durability that is crucial in shoes, jeans, seat covers, and nearly everything made from denim.

3. Adds to shape recovery: Pure cotton denim comes with the risk of losing shape, especially around the areas that often move, like the knees. We all have faced bagging of jeans around the knees, and that might spoil the look of the entire attire. Well, not anymore. Spandex recovers or changes the shape as soon as the movement regains or changes its position, respectively. So, adding a core-spun yarn containing spandex not only takes care of flexibility but also easy recovery.

4. Adds to wicking ability: Wicking means transportation of moisture within the fabric. The faster the movement of water moisture, the more is the wicking ability. Spandex has a high wicking ability, and it enhances the same for the denim it is added to in the form of core-spun yarn. So, adding these yarns containing spandex makes jeans a good choice for humid or summery weather too.
These were a few properties that the use of core-spun yarns enhances in denim. A point to note here is that the properties that core-spun yarns impart to denim largely depend on the quality of spandex used. We, at Inviya, manufacture 4th generation spandex which is suitable for manufacturing core-spun yarns owing to its better elongation, better frictional properties, high heat resistance, and high stretch power.

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