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23rd August 2021 | Posted in Core Spun Yarn

Core Spun Yarn: A Fibre with Versatile Applications and Extra Strength

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While each trend brings along a new color, Yarn seems to occupy the center stage by shaping the look and transforming a fashion statement. With the Core Spun Yarn replacing the conventional fibre, we answer the know how’s of the more dramatic fibre.

What is Core Spun Yarn?

Core spun yarn or ‘poly core’ is created by wrapping or twisting a secondary yarn around a base yarn, where usually central filament core is made of polyester for the extra strength. Its structure consists of Core and sheath where the core adds to the strength, life and elasticity of the fabric.

Why is it gaining popularity?


It is 40% to 50% stronger than normally spun yarn of the same weight offering higher tenacity along with superior abrasion resistance & durability.


Can be used in both manual and automatic machines with minimum interruptions i.e. fewer re-stitched seams, minimizing seam Failure.


When wet, the sheath expands, and while stitching it fills the stitch holes, creating a waterproof seal. This property is makes it best for weatherproof covers and sails, along with boots, greatcoats, jackets and tents. Also, when it is passed through the sewing machine needles at a high speed, while the temperature is high enough to melt the core, its cotton sheath prevents melting.

INVIYA with its range of freedom fibre offers INTIMATE wear, Activewear fibre; FASHION wear and SWIM wear products with this magical fibre. While it promises the comfort along with new age fashion, the brand promises to have something amazing for everyone checking out the collection. Be it the fabric or the trending colors, style with comfort is the most sought after combination which would never go out of vogue!

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