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14th May 2020 | Posted in Stretch Fabric

Are stretchable jeans good for summer since they contain spandex?

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Yes, Stretchable Jeans are great for summer. 
Here are 5 Technical reasons with comparison explaining the answer:

Normal JeansStretchable Jeans
To achieve a particular thickness/GSM of fabric, courser yarn and dense weaving pattern is used which makes the fabric less air permeable while under use.To achieve the same thickness/GSM of fabric, comparatively finer yarn is used and with less dense weaving pattern. While used under stretched condition, air permeability increases making it more comfortable.
While stitching, the size needs to be higher than our body parts so that we can insert our legs through the jeans.While stitching, the size is almost matching to our body parts or sometimes even tighter. This being stretchable with the use of spandex, can expand while inserting our legs through the jeans.
Because the size is higher, there is a gap between skin and the jeans.There is no gap between our skin and jeans as it is exactly fitting or body tight which helps Jeans to move with your body and not against, making it comfy.
During summer, the body sweats. The air gap between body and jeans work as a barrier for fresh air contact to body.As there is no gap between skin and jeans, there is no air barrier. Hence body can feel the fresh air comparatively as the fabric is air permeable.
The gap causes friction between body and jeans while walking, sitting and causes irritation.As there is no gap, there is no friction between jeans and body parts and no friction related irritation.

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