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15th October 2019 | Posted in Intimate wear

Active Intimate Wear & its Unpredictable Evolution

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Intimate wear is a category of secondary garments which are worn underneath our usual garments by both men and women. Their main purpose is to provide support, body comfort and protect the garments from bodily fluids. But the change in societal awareness and exposure has led to the evolution of intimate wear beyond its usual set role.

Now women around the globe are more confident, earning more and feel more empowered which they are flaunting with their bold and beautiful intimate wear. Men have also started to invest in their wardrobe and into increasing their style quotient. Due to this change, the intimate category has not only evolved but also expanded into other areas. Lifestyle shift towards a healthy life has made intimate wear to expand into the category of active-wear as well.

Ever since 2018, the demand for active intimate wear has increased in both men and women category. Focus shift to the health and active lifestyle has been a major push behind it. Active intimate wear is used to provide high support and comfort during workouts or exercise. Due to its extreme comfort and supportive properties Active intimate wear is now also used as a piece of everyday fashion clothing rather than being only restricted to gyms or sports.

Due to the increase in demand of Active intimate wear the manufacturers started to work more on its aesthetic appeal in order to be more relevant to the consumers. Thus now the Active intimate wear which is in the market is not only highly supporting and comfortable but also fashionable.

Owing to the rise of Athleisure trend in past 5-6 years, active intimate has also become a part of the main clothing in the category of Athleisure rather than just being an undergarment. Now males and even females wear active intimate wear (sports bras, shorts, tank top etc.) to gyms and yoga classes or simply for a run or an evening with friends.   Active intimate wear or we can say the most of the intimate wear category has long left the secondary garment position which was to be used only under the main garments and has become the show stopper of the new generation.

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