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4th February 2017

Indorama Industries Launches INVIYA® I-400 That Holds Competitive Edge In Garment Durability

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Nearly 5 years in the business of manufacturing and marketing the spandex under the brand name of INVIYA® - The New Freedom Fibre™ with collaborative efforts from customers has been one of the enriching experiences for Indorama Industries Limited. The company is rapidly executing the expansion plan at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh.

After having established a pilot plant in beginning of 2016 with aim of polymer improvisation to meet the ever changing requirements of rapidly changing clothing and fashion industry, Indorama has successfully commercialized a new variant of INVIYA®, which is their 4th generation polymer, called I-400. A teaser for this was released at Delhi during the inaugural edition of Yarnex in July 2016.

The I-400 product, which is proprietary polymer of Indorama Industries has been developed with significant inputs from value chain partners like Oswal group, Raymonds with requirements of high end retailers including performance fabrics of Decathlon factored in for properties related to modulus, stretch, recovery and growth.

I-400 polymer is characterised with robustness in terms of chemical composition along with high elongation and excellent recovery at finished garments stage.

The high elongation provides greater wider window to yarn manufacturers during ring spinning and texturizing. Robust chemical composition is achieved by proprietary recipe which leads to stronger resistance to alkali, acids, chlorine, a characteristic vital for garment wash and finish.

The modulus properties of the polymer in terms of running load lead to excellent recovery and minimal growth at garment stages, which is key requirement for active and sports clothing whether it is a woven or knitted outfit.I-400 products strongly contributes in retaining the shape of garments after repeated washes and hence enhances the active life of garments leading to greater satisfaction of customers for a longer duration.

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