17th November 2023

Indorama India's INVIYA Spandex passes Inditex Social Audit

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Indorama India's INVIYA spandex business is thrilled to announce the successful passage of a Social audit conducted by INDITEX, the global powerhouse behind iconic brands like Zara. Our innovative product, ECOModa100, is now approved as a sustainable offering for Inditex brands.

With an unwavering commitment to sustainability, Indorama India's INVIYA Spandex has been dedicated to advancing eco-friendly products and processes to meet international standards. ECOModa100, a testament to their ongoing efforts, incorporates state-of-the-art technology and process expertise developed through continuous research and collaboration with leading process technologists and spandex polymer experts.

Taking a bold step towards sustainable fashion, ECOModa100 is crafted by recycling waste spandex, providing it with a new lease on life while matching the performance of regular INVIYA spandex. Positioned as the need of the hour, ECOModa100 aims to capture the attention of sustainability-focused consumers, millennials, and Gen Z, offering an environmentally friendly option to support the sustainability movement in the textile industry.

Key Features of ECOModa100:

·         Made from 100% recycled pre-consumer spandex waste

·         Tailored for sustainability-conscious consumers

·         Compatible with other sustainable fibers for themed collections

·         Engineered for a perfect fit, shape, and comfort

Key Benefits of ECOModa100:

·         Boasts 100% recycled content

·         Certified under RCS 100 (Recycled Claim Standard)

·         EU REACH certified

·         Global Warming Potential (GWP) 83% lower than conventional elastane

·         Maintains 100% performance compared to conventional elastane

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