What is STOLID® ?

STOLID® is a speciality spandex, and is a must-have for a darker shade, especially for leggings, activewear, yoga wear & many others, thus giving the end customers a great experience for their fashion and lifestyle needs.

Grin-through has been an area of concern for the clothing & fashion industry while they had to deal with deeper shades, including dope-dyed polyester/nylon as hard yarns, when the industry used brighter spandex for this kind of fabric, as available with most of the spandex producers.

STOLID® is currently produced in 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 55 & 70 Denier for knit application.


STOLID® finds application in:


Yoga Wear

Yoga is often related to achieving peace of mind and tranquility. When it comes to practicing, it's crucial to have comfortable clothing that can help you push the limits of your body. We understand that style and flexibility are equally important when it comes to yoga. Yoga Wear made using STOLID® provide perfect comfort and fit.


Sheer Hosiery

Comfortable hosiery has a significant impact on how we feel throughout the day. Hosiery made with STOLID® has a luxurious fit that flatters your legs and provides all-day support.


Intimate Apparel

Intimate wear is a category of secondary garments which are worn underneath our usual garments by both men and women. Their main purpose is to provide support and body comfort. STOLID® finds excellent use in such applications.


Compression Garments

Is thinking of shape-wear making you feel trapped and uncomfortable? We understand that, and that’s why we believe in redefining shape-wear with our Full-Dull Spandex STOLID®. Rediscover shape-wear with us.

Shapewear made from STOLID® not only carefully moulds and sculpts your body, but while doing so, also provides you amazing comfort, freedom to move, the desired fit and required control supported by the high elongation properties and smooth surface of the elastomeric yarn. The next time you think of shapewear, think about comfort, think about freedom of movement-think about STOLID®.


Cycling Wear

A cycling outfit must be robust enough to handle the demands of the sport. That's where STOLID® comes in. STOLID® infused cycling wear are not only durable but also allow for ease of movement, ensuring that you can focus on the ride.


Beach Wear

Swimming is a sport or a fun hobby that can rejuvenate the mind and body. Pro-swimmers or beach enthusiasts both know that improper swimwear creates drag in the water and holds you back from a rewarding swimming experience.

This is why your swim wear must reduce drag in water and boost performance while providing you the maximum comfort and allowing you to move freely. Swimwear made with STOLID® allows you to swim with less resistance, aiding your body to glide through water better while maintaining the desired fit and style.

Features and Benefits

STOLID® is a full dull spandex from Indorama India Private Ltd. It is made for darker shades to meet all your fashion and lifestyle needs. STOLID® is ideal for leggings, active wear, yoga wear and many others.

Reduced grin-through

What is Snugfit

STOLID® delivers deeper shades while used with synthetics and eliminates grin-through & colour uniformity while stretched. The colour reflection of the fabric surface is improved due to the compatible L/A/B value of STOLID® and other hard yarns. Moire effect is also reduced on the fabric. When STOLID® is paired with micro denier synthetic yarns, the barre in the fabric is minimised to give a long-lasting premium look.

Lasting comfort, fit and shape

What is Snugfit

STOLID® is designed to fit into all aspects of your life. Our spandex can be made into yoga wear, cycling wear, compression garments, intimate apparel, sheer hosiery and beachwear. So whether you are pushing yourself to the limit or relaxing, STOLID® will always be there for you.

Extended garment life

What is Snugfit

When you see a STOLID® brand hang tag on the garment in stores or our virtual hangtag online, you can be sure that the fabric has been tested in our labs and certified to show it contains genuine STOLID® fibre.

With improved cohesion among the filaments, STOLID® eliminates the chances of filament rupture at the weaving stage or the yarn stage. High elongation (above 520%) enables it to operate at wider drafting zones in core spinning, draw texturing and circular knitting. STOLID®'s power stretch allows the fabric to retain its stretch even after re-dyeing and repeated washes.

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