Infrastructure Development


Constructing a community hall in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh

INVIYA® contributed under CSR towards construction of Mahilla Bhawan/ Community Hall at village Dhela, Baddi for upliftment of rural areas.


Providing infrastructure development support to the government's senior secondary school in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh

Indorama India Private Limited, Baddi (IIB) has provided infrastructure development support to Govt. Senior Secondary School-Lodhimajra, Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative for the financial year 2022-23. We firmly believe that education can bring positive transformation to the lives of children, and educating them further helps in building the nation. 

As part of our CSR initiatives at INVIYA®, we continue to support the education sector with a particular focus on rural schools that lack sufficient infrastructure. Our aim is to nurture the future generation by providing better infrastructure facilities in schools.

Under the project, we supplied 150 (One Hundred Fifty) desks and benches to Govt. Senior Secondary School-Lodhimajra. This initiative aims to benefit the students and ensure a conducive learning environment.


Infrastructure Development support in Gyan Shakti Vidyalaya, Noida- IIB CSR FY 2022-23

This has reference to the captioned subject, wherein, Indorama India Private Limited, Baddi (IIB) has supported Gyan Shakti Vidyalaya, Noida in the form of infrastructure development including but not limited to School Uniforms, Study tables , mats and many other useful items, under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative for financial year 2022-23 since we believes that education can bring the positive transformation in the life of children and educating the children, further, helps to build the nation.

The mission of the Gyan Shakti Vidyalaya school is to inspire the socially economically backward children into the mainstream by primarily supporting their educational needs along with social, health and hygiene care and to further, enable them to become responsible, capable & employable citizens with pride and sense of belonging to their community and the nation.

The CSR initiatives at IIB, continues to support the education sector with a focus on schools which do not have sufficient infrastructure and further, nurturing the future generation through provision of better infrastructure facilities in respective schools.