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End garment infused with INVIYA® offers the exceptional properties of comfort and best fit.

Also INVIYA® is the only spandex fiber which is produced in India and Indian Subcontinent, thus benefiting the various segments of textile industry in India as well as abroad with the easy access to INVIYA® due to its short lead time and proximity of supply chain.

Why INVIYA® for manufacturers?

  • High elongation (above 520%)- enabling it to operate at wider drafting zones in core spinning, draw texturing and circular knitting
  • Better frictional properties & higher inter filament cohesion – eliminating chances of filament rupture during textile processing.
  • High heat resistance properties of INVIYA® I–400 sustains severe processing and washing
  • INVIYA® I–400 retains its high stretch power even after re-dyeing and repeated washes
  • “Dull white color”  which is compatible with majority of textile raw materials / products
  • High resistance to wet processing chemicals
  • INVIYA® I–400 retains all its properties well during the fabric processing stages like heat-setting, dyeing, finishing etc. under controlled conditions
  • Application and development cell continuously ensuring the quality before letting this be delivered to customers
  • Resistance to chlorine/bleach and alkali/acids, which renders stability to the garments

WHY INVIYA® for You and Me?

  • Makes garment more durable
  • Feels like second skin
  • Provides freedom of movement
  • Increased elongation for more stretch
  • Provides perfect fit to the garments
  • Increased comfort
  • Provides softer feel to the garments
  • High elastic recovery
  • Chlorine resistant
  • Helps garment to retain its shape after multiple wash cycles