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INDORAMA CORPORATION is a USD 5 Billion global conglomerate, headquartered in Singapore, which aims at driving scale, growth and sustainability. The purpose of the group is “Essential Materials, Better Lives”. The group operates across different verticals namely Fertilisers, Packaging Material, Gloves and Yarns & Fibres with 29 manufacturing locations across 8 countries, employing around 20,000+ people. Driven by its belief in sustainability, the group has adopted an ESG-based sustainability model.

Its associate group Indorama Ventures (IVL), is the world’s largest producer of Polyester Resins and a significant producer of Polyester Intermediates, Man-made Fibres and EO Derivatives, with 165 manufacturing facilities in 38 countries.

Indorama India Private Limited, a group company of Indorama Corporation, has its plant operations at Baddi, in a sprawling site of 25 acres. It started the commercial production of INVIYA® , India's first “Made in India” Premium Spandex Fibre brand in 2012. Currently, INVIYA® products are being used in Air Covered Yarns, Core Spun Yarns, Circular Knitting and Narrow Width Applications, all across the globe.
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INVIYA® has come up with its improvised polymer variant of premium spandex fibre for baby and adult diapers. It is crafted with European winding technology process to provide better comfort without any leakages. INVIYA® offers effective solutions for the hygiene industry, which ensures
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Why SnugFitTM ?

INVIYA® is presenting an all-new, technologically advanced and innovative spandex fibre for diapers with countless USPs.
SnugFitTM A Hygiene Grade Super Comfort Spandex SnugFitTM - A Spandex Fibre that offers unparalleled performance in the hygiene market!

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