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Posts Tagged ‘stretch fabric’

role of spandex in stretch chrome fabrics

Stretch Chrome Fabric and Role of Spandex in It

May 10, 2019

Posted in Stretch Fabric

“Stretch Chrome Fabric”, this may be the new term which you have come across today but this fabric is used in fashion and automotive industry from a fairly long period of time. Stretch chrome fabric is a type of fabric...

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Posts Tagged ‘stretch fabric’

Stretch Maternity Wear Options To Assist You During Pregnancy

Nov 16, 2017

Posted in Inviya

Pregnancy is a beautiful phenomenon, but many pregnant women face difficulties while choosing the right clothes as the body undergoes changes every day. So, to avoid desperate purchases in your search for something that fits just right, here are a...

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Posts Tagged ‘stretch fabric’

Why Stretch Fabric Wear Is The Best Travel Buddy You Could Hope For!

Aug 25, 2017

Posted in Athleisure

The thought of trekking up mountains, hitchhiking long distances, or exploring rain forests sets your adrenaline rushing, we have just the right thing for you--stretch fabric travel wear. Although traveling doesn’t require you to pack up the whole wardrobe, what you might...

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