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Posts Tagged ‘Spandex’

use of spandex in bandage medical industry

Use of Spandex in Bandage

Sep 24, 2019

Posted in Medical Application Of Spandex

A bandage is a piece of material which is used prominently for support purposes, to restrict a part of a body, or to provide light compression. These bandages can also be used in various other areas as: in case of...

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Posts Tagged ‘Spandex’

difference between spandex fibre and rubber

Comparison of Spandex with Rubber

Jul 13, 2019

Posted in Spandex Yarn

Spandex and rubber are often mistakenly thought of to be the same due to their common property to impart “Stretch”, but in reality, both of these are extremely different. Rubber is produced naturally or synthetically while Spandex can only be...

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Posts Tagged ‘Spandex’

role of spandex in stretch chrome fabrics

Stretch Chrome Fabric and Role of Spandex in It

May 10, 2019

Posted in Stretch Fabric

“Stretch Chrome Fabric”, this may be the new term which you have come across today but this fabric is used in fashion and automotive industry from a fairly long period of time. Stretch chrome fabric is a type of fabric...

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Posts Tagged ‘Spandex’

spandex clothing

I was Born Free, My Clothes Chained Me. – Anonymous

Mar 18, 2019

Posted in Inviya

The very antithesis of what someone said above, is Spandex. Mere presence of Spandex in what you wear ensures that your clothes are just like your extended skin. Also known as Elastane [Europe], it has a versatile and amazing functionality...

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