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Stretch Maternity Wear Options To Assist You During Pregnancy

Nov 16, 2017

Posted in Inviya

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Pregnancy is a beautiful phenomenon, but many pregnant women face difficulties while choosing the right clothes as the body undergoes changes every day. So, to avoid desperate purchases in your search for something that fits just right, here are a few stretch maternity wear options that exist to assist you through your pregnancy. Read on.

Belly Bands

Shaped like a tube top, belly bands are wide circular seamless bands designed to support your lower back and abdomen during pregnancy. Carved out of stretch fabric, these highly elastic belly bands expand along with the body, providing the right fit and support around a growing belly. These seamless, breathable support bands relieve pressure from the backbone and are perfect for layering pregnancy clothes for comfort.




Intimate Wear

Thanks to the creation of technologically advanced fabrics that provide extensive stretch and comfort, the right maternity intimate wear is no longer a myth. As breast size grows considerably during pregnancy, it becomes extremely important to find a bra that fits well. The purpose is served with a specialized maternity bra that is made from stretch fabric. Similarly, an undie made from a combination of cotton and spandex stays stretchy and comfy even during uncomfortable times.




Its hard to imagine everyday relaxed clothing without leggings. And why consider dumping it when pregnant? All you need to do is look out for leggings with a good stretch-and-recoil property that makes it adjust with the fluctuating size of your tummy. These leggings would not only serve your purpose until the baby is born, but even post-delivery, when the body shrinks back to pre-pregnancy size.


Pregnant women are often advised that cotton is the go-to clothing option as it allows the skin to breathe. True, but when cotton is infused with spandex, it gets just the amount of stretch required to support a growing body size. Try the stretchy cotton maternity wear with minimum 5% Spandex in its make for the best clothing experience during pregnancy.


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