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Core Spun Yarn – Yarning For Comfort

Aug 27, 2021

Posted in Core Spun Yarn

  Inviya Core Spun Yarn is of best quality and comes with higher durability.

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Core Spun Yarn: A Fibre with Versatile Applications and Extra Strength

Aug 23, 2021

Posted in Core Spun Yarn

While each trend brings along a new color, Yarn seems to occupy the center stage by shaping the look and transforming a fashion statement. With the Core Spun Yarn replacing the conventional fibre, we answer the know how’s of the...

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Significance of Air Pressure in Air Covered Yarns

Jul 22, 2021

Posted in Air Covered Yarn

Significance of Air Pressure in Air Covered Yarns Air-covered yarn production incorporates the usage of two different materials, one is elastic and the other is non-elastic. Of the two, the non-elastic yarns are the one that has filament such as...

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Top 3 Dress Styles That You Ought To Try This Party Season

Jul 14, 2021

Posted in Stretch Fabric

With a belief that a new start to the year deserves a new dress, party owls are all set to begin their hunt for the perfect dress to welcome the New Year in style. If you too are oblivious of the...

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Circular Knitting Machines

Know about Circular Knitting  Machines and types of Knit Fabrics 

Jun 18, 2021

Posted in Knit Fabric

Circular knitting is a form of knitting that creates a seamless tube. The casting on stitches is done similarly as in flat knitting but the ends of that row of stitches are joined to form a circle. Circular knitting, nowadays,...

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Spandex Breakage Causes

Spandex Breakage Causes and Preventive Measures

Jun 07, 2021

Posted in Spandex Yarn

There is no doubt that spandex is a versatile fabric. It has found uses in multiple industry products like apparel and textile, military equipment, houseware, and surgical and medical products. In recent years, it has gain popularity primarily because of...

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Semi Dull Spandex – Elimination Of Grin Through Effect

May 31, 2021

Posted in Denim Fabric

Grin through effect has been a flaw and an area of concern in the garment industry. This effect has tampered with the looks of a lot of apparels and each and every arena. It basically refers to the popping out...

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Are you choosing the best fabric for your activewear?

May 17, 2021

Posted in Inviya

  ADD PIC CREDITS In the contemporary era, the activewear market has surged with a wide range of activewear clothing items for every sporting need. Selecting the best activewear fabric is not only a crucial step as it works as...

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What makes spandex the best fabric for swimwear?

Apr 27, 2021

Posted in Inviya

What makes spandex the best fabric for swimwear? It's undeniable true that the quality of swimwear fabric has a direct impact on the performance of the swimmer. Since ideal swimwear fabric offers a perfect stretch and dries real quick, Spandex...

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Importance of heat set in fabric made with spandex

Apr 06, 2021

Posted in Inviya

  During the processing of garments, fabrics undergo several processes. Relaxation, heat-setting, drying, and appropriate finishing are some prominent processes. These fabrics can be knitted, woven, or even non-woven. Many knits and wovens contain spandex in various forms. In wovens,...

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