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Evolution of Suiting: From Rigid Garment to Flexible One

Feb 06, 2019

Posted in Stretch Fabric

evolution of suiting in men
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The suiting much to our realization was came into being around the 17th century, and then in the 1800s, Beau Brummell reformed the typical suit combination which was earlier more on the lines of ornate and dandified to a more subtle and composed version.

And now here we are in the 21st century with an ever-changing and evolving range of suiting. The recent most development in the garment category of suits is adding stretch to the ever loved formal wear.

Typically suits were and still are made of fibers like wool, cotton, linen and polyester, all of these fibers when woven produce a hard constructed fabric ideal for suit making. But this fabric construction leads to an absolutely negligible stretch in the final garment, thus making the garment stiff.

In older times the stiffness or compact construction of suiting was not much of a concern as the lifestyle was not as active as compared to now.  But as times change the need of the individuals’ changes as well, hence to adapt to the 21st century’s active lifestyle “Suits with stretch” in them have been developed.

The stretch in suits is achieved by using spandex fiber along with cotton, wool, linen or polyester in the core fabric. The use of spandex fiber helps to achieve the perfect balance between the desired fabric construction and the required stretch. Being woven in nature the fabric construction remains compact aiding in making suiting, but added spandex fiber gives the much-needed stretch in the final garment.

These stretchable suits can easily be worn for a longer period of time in a day as compared to their ancestors with no-stretch. This is due to spandex fiber imparting comfort, good fit and great stretch recovery along with providing regular stretch in the garment.

Thus spandex has played a vital role in aiding suits adapt to the ever-changing modern lifestyle.

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