Swim Wear


Whether a leisurely indulgence or a performance sport or just exercise, swimming is widely enjoyed across the world. Now it gets even better! Imagine a swimsuit that holds back your drag in water and boosts your performance while swimming. Swimwear made with INVIYA® allows you to virtually swim with less resistance, aiding your body to glide through water better. Not only that, swimwear with the robust properties of INVIYA® flatter your curves and fits your figure like a second skin, making it desirable for not only an enjoyable swimming experience but a fashionable statement too.


INVIYA® for Swim Wear comes with extra stretch power with ability to sustain moderate chlorine action over a longer time. It combines well with synthetic fibres to impart high stretch to the fabric.

  • Excellent recovery power and provides most proper fit after repeated usage and laundry.
  • Provide shape stability of swim-wear even after long usage.
  • Good warping performance and evenness.


For WARP Knit Applications