Intimate Wear


Innerwear and Lingerie are our best-kept secrets that make us comfortable in our own skin and empower the self. Innerwear may carry a different connotation for each person. Whether donned for comfort, romance, fun or vanity – lingerie and innerwear are indispensable to all. With INVIYA®, the art of being naughty gets naughtier. Be it your much loved lingerie or nightwear it always snugs you, supports you at the right places, glorifies your curves, and gives you the sense of freedom. With INVIYA® in your innerwear, you will fall in love with your body and yourself over and over again.


INVIYA® for Intimate Wear comes with high retention power keeping you in shape with softer touch and higher comfort level.

  • Soft and high elongation
  • Excellent dimension stability
  • Improved fabric handle