Fashion Wear


Fashion is about expressing your style and identity, whether you believe in the comfort of jeans and t-shirts or standing out from the crowd.

INVIYA® for Fashion Wear lends its unparalleled qualities of stretch and fit that give you comfort, shape, and the freedom of movement so that your clothes are in rhythm with your personality and your lifestyle.

Be it the tank top, long dress, or office shirt, Fashion Wear with INVIYA®, readily adapts to your shape giving you perfect fit with soft feel, lasting longer and brimming you with confidence. INVIYA® loves your personality and helps you to flaunt it. It ensures that every time you look in to the mirror, you like what you see.


INVIYA® for Fashion Wear is specially designed softer with high tenacity to impart desired elasticity with better handle. It is most suitable for all types of ready-to-wear clothes that demand high stretch, shape and comfort. It can be used in knitting in bare form or weaving in covered yarn with natural or synthetic fibres to enhance fabric elasticity, comfort and shape retention. Its soft stretch easily fits to the body shape and retain for longer time.

  • Soft stretch and feel
  • Excellent long lasting recovery
  • High shape retention
  • Suitable for various applications with long lasting performance.