Denim Wear


Denim is loved across the world and has passed the test of time. The demand for denim jeans not only persists but also is ever increasing. Today, the much envied stretch denims made with INVIYA® are designed to flatter body contours with exceptional qualities of comfort, fit, shape and style. These Denims snug your body and allow you to move with ease and comfort compared to hard denims that lack INVIYA® stretch property.  Not only that, this miraculous New Freedom Fibre lends great value of delight and excellent appearance to your denim after washing.


INVIYA® for Denim is a robust spandex fibre made of advance polymer ideal to support light and heavy weight twill structure providing appropriate stretch with superb recovery even after many washes. During draw texturizing process, it is designed to be used in core spinning with natural / synthetic fibres and air covering with nylon/ polyester. INVIYA® for Denim features high tenacity for high speed spinning and twisting applications for weaving. It has higher elongation and recovery power as compared to generic elastomeric fibre.

  • High Modulus with long lasting recovery
  • Excellent shape stability
  • High Tenacity for robust processing
  • Softer fabric hand feel
  • Good dimensional ability