Active Wear


A healthy physique and wellbeing is desired by one and all. Regular exercise is the key to a happy and healthy life. Active clothing is an integral part of your exercise experience. INVIYA® for Active Wear enhances your comfort and performance while you engage in physical activity or sports by giving you complete freedom of movement. Clothes having the remarkable New Freedom Fibre™ not only gives you the comfort and ease to move as you please but also provides muscle support which improves your results and reduces muscle fatigue, allowing you to workout longer and better. INVIYA® ensures, you look your best and perform at your peak all the time while on the go and still keep you feeling fresh, happy and energetic after a long and active day.


INVIYA® for Active Wear is lightweight with long lasting stretch power providing extra support to your body during physical activities keeping your performance at high levels. Its omni-directional stretch supports your body shape and allows easy movement of body moisture to outside for high performance.

  • INVIYA® has high stretch power and recovery providing  high performance to active-wear
  • Boasting of great stretch quality along with striking lightness and fineness, it helps in designing different technical fabrics for an energetic, full of life clothing.
  • Having excellent durability, INVIYA® retains high stretch power and recovery after repeated washes.
  • Smooth run-ability both on knitting and weaving.