The Brand

The brand INVIYA® represents \'Freedom\'.

INVIYA®, The New Freedom FibreTM, is an integral part of contemporary fashion which gives you the freedom to express yourself and your individuality.

INVIYA® is synonymous with stretch, fit, shape, comfort and freedom of movement – making you look better, building self-confidence, and expressing who you are.

Fashion is a profound way to express yourself, your style, your likes, and your dislikes. There is freedom in self-expression and your clothes tell a lot about you. INVIYA® with its exceptional qualities of stretch and recovery enables your clothes to provide perfect fit and shape with enhanced comfort and freedom of movement.

With INVIYA®, your favourite pair of jeans or intimate wear or that much envied outdoor jacket or your perfect-fit active wear, they all are going to express your personal style, as long as you want. Since cotton stretch yarn and polyester stretch yarn has the power to grip your contours and support you at the right places, the presence of Inviya in clothes can liberate your movement. Feel free to tell the world who you are and make everyday a new fashion statement with INVIYA® in your clothes.