INVIYA® is a new age spandex elastane fibre made of advance polymer having long lasting elasticity with robust performance during textile processes. With its exceptional qualities of stretch and recovery, it provides perfect fit and shape with enhanced comfort and freedom of movement.

INVIYA® fibre can stretch up to six times of its original length with excellent recovery providing long lasting fit and shape to the garment.

INVIYA® I–300 is a new series specifically developed for wide applications due to its high tenacity and better frictional properties, enabling it to run at high speed in core spinning, draw texturing and circular knitting. High heat resistance properties of INVIYA® I–300 retain its high stretch power even after re-dyeing and repeated washes. Specially developed for Denims, Ready-to-wear, Active-wear, Shape-wear and Intimate-wear for high performance and durability.

INVIYA® I–300 in bare or covered form can be combined with various textiles raw materials like cotton, polyamide, polyester, viscose, linen, silk, cashmere and wool.

It retains its power well during fabric processing like heat-set, dyeing, finishing, etc. under controlled conditions. This feature makes INVIYA®I–300 a unique and revolutionary fibre, which enhances fabric performance with higher stretch, low growth, and excellent dimensional stability.


  • Robust performance across applications with higher tenacity and strength.
  • Excellent recovery power provides perfect fit and shape stability even after repeated washes.
  • It has soft and high elongation power, providing comfortable fit and soft stretch.
  • High heat resistance allows dyeing and re-dyeing at high temperatures.
  • Excellent unwinding evenness increases productivity and workability
  • Good for knitting, draw texturizing, ring spinning, weaving and covering.

INVIYA® I–300 imparts added features like long lasting fit, omni-directional movement, enhanced elongation and recovery ability to work-wear, party wear, outdoors, swimwear, intimate-wear, etc.